Friday 28 August 2015

My top 10 favourite Carry On frocks and Frills‏

I recently asked all my loyal Carry On Blogging readers if anyone wanted to submit their own guest blogs. I'm delighted to say that my esteemed editor over at the Coronation Street Blog, Glenda Young, has taken up the challenge. You can read her first blog here. Here is the second guest blog Glenda has very kindly written for me:

I’m honoured to have been asked to write a guest blog post for the Carry On Blogging site. I’m no Carry On expert, but I know a funny film when I see one and I’ve been a fan of the Carry On films since I was a child.  Here then, are my top 10 personal favourite Carry On frocks and women’s outfits of all time.

1. Valeria’s crushed red relvet dress from Carry on Screaming.  Smoking hot.

2. The perfectly gorgeous Glam Cab uniform from Carry on Cabby.

3. The bath cap from Carry on Cleo. An icon! As worn by Amanda Barrie. An icon!

4. Anita Harris’ costume from Carry on Follow that Camel.  Every time this scene comes on TV my husband starts pretending to have palpitations. At least I think he’s pretending.

5. Joan Sims as Belle in Carry on Cowboy.  That dress is just gorgeous. I’m going to buy one just like it to wear next time I nip out to Sainsburys. Pistol-packing.

6. Hattie Jacques in Carry on Matron. This one isn’t so much a frock as more of a safety blanket, and that’s the very reason I like it so much.  You know where you are with this frock, it’s no-nonsense, demands respect and the NHS should bring them back, right now.

7. Barbara Windsor in Carry on Spying. I love this as it’s one of rare times we see Babs sans boobs hanging out all over the place.  This outfit is sophisticated and glam. Er, just what’s needed for blending in undercover.

8. Carry on Up the Jungle. Never has a chamois leather looked so glam. Which reminds me, I must get to the gym soon.

9. When I saw this for the first time on TV in Carry on Again Doctor I thought it was pornographic. I was shocked! I still am and think it’s one of the filthiest outfits we’ve ever seen on TV.  Only Barbara Windsor could have got away with this one.

10. And finally, Joan Sims in Carry on Abroad. Most of her outfits in this film were middle-England overseas, all buttoned up and covering everything they could.   

Glenda Young
Twitter: @flaming_nora

Many thanks again to Glenda for her wonderful blog. 

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