Thursday 6 August 2015

Carry On Sherrie

It wasn't until recently that I discovered Sherrie Hewson once lodged with Joan Sims early on in her career. I've always been a fan of Sherrie, mainly thanks to her four year stint in my favourite television programme, Coronation Street.

Sherrie made her Carry On appearances very early on in her acting career. She would go on to star in a wide variety of shows, forming a well known association with the comedian Russ Abbot during the 1980s, starring in a wide range of classic television including The Gentle Touch, Jackanory, Minder, Within These Walls and Juliet Bravo. Sherrie of course went on to star alongside Gwen Taylor in the ITV sitcom Barbara and these days is most famous for being a panelist on Loose Women and starring in the Carry On-esque comedy series Benidorm.

I love Sherrie as Maureen Naylor/Holdsworth in Coronation Street. It was a rare occasion where my own surname, Naylor, appeared in the credits of a telly programme! She brought some wonderful comedy to the Street as well as some classic drama. Her relationship with on-screen mother Maud (the fantastic and much missed Elizabeth Bradley) was vey real and beautifully played. I still wish Maureen would pay the residents of Weatherfield another visit.

Sadly, Sherrie joined the Carry On team just as their star was on the wane. Carry On Behind was her only film appearance with the gang but it's a smashing last great attempt at Carry On on the big screen. As one of the bright young girls giving Windsor Davies and Jack Douglas the run around, Sherrie displays fine comic timing and works really well with Carol Hawkins. It's a shame she didn't join the team for earlier outings as she was a natural fit with the rest of the gang.

Sherrie also appeared in four episodes of the ATV series Carry On Laughing the same year. While the series wasn't a run away success, Sherrie is a high point, forming a wonderful double act in several episodes with the master, Peter Butterworth. I don't remember hearing Sherrie talk much about her involvement with the Carry Ons over the years. It would have been great if she had been involved with Carry On Forever earlier this year. 

As a postscript, it's fantastic that Sherrie follows the @CarryOnJoan Twitter account. It's always great to hear from her.

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  1. I saw Sherrie Hewson at Shevington FĂȘte, a village near Wigan, last Saturday. She was so friendly, even given that she was in pain due to a back injury. Pity she came into Carry On towards the end as I think she would have been a fantastic addition to the regular cast.

    1. Hi Tom, I agree she would have been a great carryon regular. Great you got to see her, sounds like a great day!