Friday 16 September 2016

Listen Again: Sally Geeson Interviewed on BBC Radio


The lovely Sally Geeson was a guest on BBC Radio Tees yesterday afternoon. Sally, best known to us for her long running role as Sid James' daughter in the 1970s television sitcom Bless This House, was interviewed by Bob Fischer about her life and career.

Sally will be attending a special screening of both her Carry Ons, Abroad and Girls, part of a Carry On evening at the Darlington Film Club in November. More on that to come soon! It's always good to hear from Sally who has returned to the limelight following many years working in the education sector. 

Sally made her biggest and most memorable appearance in the series with her role as Lily in Carry On Abroad in 1972. In what many fans believe to be the last really great Carry On, Sally worked well opposite Carol Hawkins as two young girls off on a long weekend to the Spanish island of Elsbells. Sally proved such a hit with the team that she returned for the very next Carry On, playing the cameo role as Cecil Gaybody's assistant Debra in Carry On Girls.  


You can listen to Sally's interview here - it begins around the 2hr mark. 

Sally also now has a Facebook page which you can find here

And you can visit her website here 

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