Sunday 18 September 2016

Have you ever met a Carry On Star?

I love interacting with fellow Carry On fans on Twitter and Facebook. It's great to hear your reactions to my blogs, memories of the films themselves and their stars. The old pictures I tweet prove to be very evocative and I love doing it. 

In the past I have featured many Carry On fans on the blog as well as guest posts from fellow bloggers. I would now love it if any of you out there have memories of meeting any of the Carry On team. It doesn't matter if it's a member of the main team, a guest artist or a background player, I want to hear about it! 

You may have met them at a film convention, at the stage door of a theatre production or even just by chance in your local supermarket. Whatever the occasion, please do contact me and share your stories. I have written myself about meeting some of my Carry On heroes. A few years back I was lucky enough to watch Carry On Screaming alongside one of the films' most iconic stars, Fenella Fielding. Last year I attended the London Film Convention and met two other gorgeous Carry On ladies - Anita Harris and Amanda Barrie. I also intend to go along to the next convention later this month to meet Liz Fraser and Jacki Piper, two of my favourite Carry On actors.


So if you have a story to tell, get in touch either on Facebook or Twitter (links below) or why not email me directly at 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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  1. Hi Graeme! I'm thrilled to find your blog...I am a massive Carry On fan and have been since childhood. I can never watch too many! Favourites are Convenience, Abroad, Camping & Khyber...but I will watch any really! I used to see lovely Kenneth Connor fairly regularly as he lived the restaurant where I was Head Chef in the 1980s...he once popped into the kitchen and gave me a saucy kiss to say thanks for his lunch! I have seen Barbara Windsor quite a few times and once gave her a bag to put her newspapers in at the newsagents. Her then-husband ran the pub they owned quite near us so we saw her often. However, my biggest Carry On claim to fame and something I'm ridiculously proud of is that I am actually related to Sid James! My great- grandfather was the cousin of one of his parents (father I think) & they all lived close to each other in Johannesburg before & during WW1. So it may be a few times removed, but it's good enough for me and I always feel so proud when I see him on screen, lovely man! My Dad did look a lot like him too (not quite so wrinkly!) Anyway, looking forward to reading more and I always love your tweets too (I'm @MozartsGirl )

    1. Hi Rachel, Great to hear from you, I really appreciate you taking the time to get in touch. Great choices there - they are some of my favourites too. Lovely to hear your memories of meeting Kenneth Connor and Barbara Windsor. What a lovely link to Sid too - I'd be hugely proud of that too! Glad you are enjoying the tweets and the blog! Carry On! G