Wednesday 28 September 2016

Tears, Treachery and Just A Little Murder...


Fenella Fielding is proving to be very busy at the moment. As well as further performances of her forthcoming memoir she will also be performing in Tears, Treachery and Just A Little Murder at London's St James Theatre on Wednesday 5th October.

Join Fenella Fielding and Stephen Greif on a tempestuous odyssey through a startlingly modern world of men and gods, an epic journey embracing seduction and loss, jealousy and cunning, tears, treachery and just a little murder…

Lust and longing; laughter; pathos; anger; terror; tears: the Greeks knew all there is to know about human passions. And they wrote about them vividly in poetry and drama. Now, in David Stuttard’s vibrant very speak-able English translations, the legendary Fenella Fielding and Stephen Greif make these emotions live again.

[City Hall performance] ‘By far the most moving was the veteran actress Fenella Fielding’s rendering of Hecuba’s lament over the body of her grandson Astyanax, hurled by the victorious Argives from the battlements of Troy. The words, from Euripides’ The Trojan Women, are at the extreme limits of pathos. As Fielding delivered them, they were not only almost unbearably moving, but utterly relevant to the slaughter of innocents now carrying on in Syria and Iraq.’ (Harry Eyres, Financial Times 2014)

Fenella Fielding (Carry On films and 6 decades on the stage including Valmouth and Pieces of Eight)
Stephen Greif (Blakes 7, Citizen Smith, Royal Shakespeare Co and National Theatre).

You can buy tickets for this very special performance here 

Fenella will be at the St James Theatre on Wednesday 5th October. The performance begins at 8pm.

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