Sunday 11 September 2016

Your Seven Favourite Carry On Actors


Last month on Twitter I was asked to pick my seven favourite Coronation Street characters. An enjoyable bit of fun but it probably reveals more about ourselves, what we like and what we don't than we might immediately think. 

For anyone interested, my pick of characters were: Alma Baldwin, Audrey Roberts, Hilda Ogden, Betty Turpin, Annie Walker, Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner. For those who know me there aren't many surprises there. What's this got to do with Carry On Blogging I hear you ask? Well I thought why not try the same experiment with Carry On actors?

It's a tougher challenge than you might think. The Carry Ons featured such a wide range of talented character actors over their twenty year life span and as with picking your favourite film from the series, it's probably something that keeps changing over time. So here are my current top seven Carry On actors:

Joan Sims
Jim Dale
Hattie Jacques

Kenneth Williams

Peter Butterworth

Esma Cannon

Patsy Rowlands
As with all these daft challenges it's often more about who you leave out - how could I not include the likes of Sid James, Charles Hawtrey or Barbara Windsor? Well on another day I possibly might do but for now these are the actors I couldn't do without. 

Anyway, have a go yourself, which seven Carry On actors would you pick as your favourites? Tweet me and use the hashtag #7CarryOnActors to share your choices! 

Carry On! 

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