Wednesday 21 September 2016

My Favourite Carry On Photos: Carry On Henry

This is part of a new series of blogs looking back at some of my favourite photos from the Carry On archive. I plan to blog some of the photos from the Carry On films and of their stars that mean the most to me and why I love them so much. As simple as that!

Today I am blogging another favourite image, again of my favourite Carry On double act - Sid and Joan. Taken from Carry On Henry in 1970, it shows the two stars relaxing and enjoying each other's company between takes. In the film, Sid and Joan once again play husband and wife albeit in period costume! Sid is on rip roaring form as Henry VIII, rampaging around his castle with a hunger, not just for food! Joan is also on top form, putting in an exquisite performance as the French Queen Marie, complete with an insatiable love of garlic!

While the pair were very much at war on screen, this shot demonstrates the close friendship between the two wonderful comedy actors. Many people have commented on how well they got on and this film gives a lovely glimpse at them sharing a joke between shots. It's a brilliant image and a testament to how lovely these two were and how much we all still miss them.

So stay tuned for more of my favourite images from the classic Carry Ons for a chance to walk down memory lane and find out why they are so special to me. 

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