Saturday 10 September 2016

My Favourite Carry On Photo: Carry On Abroad


This is part of a new series of blogs looking back at some of my favourite photos from the Carry On archive. I plan to blog some of the photos from the Carry On films and of their stars that mean the most to me and why I love them so much. As simple as that!

Today I'm starting off with two of my absolute favourite Carry On actors - the brilliant, very believable double act of Joan Sims and Sidney James. 

Joan and Sid were proper mates in real life and created some marvellous comedy moments in so many of the films. They had tangible, irresistible chemistry which made them such favourites for fans of British comedy. From Carry On Cowboy onwards, Joan and Sid were paired together many, many times in the series, often as boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. There's just such a down to earth normality about them together that makes it work and provides a much needed grounded feeling while the chaos and camp mayhem whirls around them.

For me, there is no greater example of their Carry On partnership than their roles as Vic and Cora Flange in Carry On Abroad. It was the last really strong Carry On film and the last to feature the majority of the core cast. Sid and Joan are at the centre of the action and look so right as pub landlord and landlady - they are just perfect behind the bar together. That surely would have been a sound basis for a television sitcom?

Joan in particular puts in a delightfully real, touching performance in Abroad as a remarkably normal, down to earth middle aged lady seeking a little bit more after many years of marriage. Of course, the warring couple are happily reunited at the end of the film and the picture I've chosen sums up their cinematic relationship and personal friendship so well.

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