Sunday 1 November 2015

If they insist on Carrying On...

The recent newspaper stories about a new Carry On film coming to fruition some time in 2017 has generally made me feel very uneasy. As I blogged at the weekend, the film does have the backing of Sid's son and a relative of Gerald Thomas, but surely too much water has gone under the bridge since the heyday of the original series?

As already mentioned, the plan apparently is to cast unknown actors in the new film. I welcome this idea as the original films starred actors who were known by their peers and selective audiences but were by no means big stars before the Carry Ons got going. It would also be positive to see a British comedy film made featuring a host of new, British actors finally getting their break. 

So it's not all bad. Whoever makes the new film, if indeed it does get made, should take notice of where Columbus failed. Let's not have any alternative comedians in this - go for actors who can do comedy first and foremost. Columbus, while still featuring the likes of Bernard Cribbins, Jim Dale and June Whitfield, also sadly neglected many other original supporting actors who could have added some much needed familiarity to proceedings. 

These days, sadly, we have even fewer original Carry On actors around than in 1992 when Columbus set sail from Frensham Ponds. However the wonderful Carry On Forever documentary broadcast earlier this year proved there are still plenty of classy Carry On actors still standing up and taking notice, as Bernard Cribbins put it! So, my plea to whoever makes this new Carry On is this: While times move on and the film should bring something fresh to the traditional formula, some regular nods to the glory days would also be very welcome. I reckon cameo roles could be found for many of the following actors:

Fenella Fielding, Angela Douglas, Bernard Cribbins, Julian Holloway, Richard O'Callaghan, Kenneth Cope, Hugh Futcher, Carol Hawkins, Sally Geeson, Amanda Barrie, LIz Fraser, Sherrie Hewson, Anita Harris, Shirley Eaton, Jim Dale, Patrick Mower, Rosalind Knight, Juliet Mills, Bill Maynard, June Whitfield, Jacki Piper, Valerie Leon, Madeline Smith, Larry Dann, David Kernan and dare I say it...even Barbara Windsor.

Move forward, but don't forget the past! 

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