Tuesday 24 November 2015

Remembering Alan Hume

I've stumbled across a really lovely interview online and I thought I should share it here on the blog. I was looking into Alan Hume's career for a blog I've got planned for another time and came across an interview his wife has recently given to a local website in Buckinghamshire.

Sheila Hume, now 89, spoke to the Get Bucks website about her late husband's long and impressive career as a cinematographer and reminisced about all the famous people she counts as friends. It's the first time I've heard about Alan's wife and family and it is a lovely read. It's also great to hear Sheila still makes regular trips to Pinewood Studios and hears from people Alan worked with, such as Sir Roger Moore and Dame Shirley Bassey.

Alan Hume was a wonderful presence behind the camera on so many of the Carry On films, not to mention big budget pictures like the James Bond films and the original Star Wars franchise. I love that despite his terrific success working on international films and with big name stars, he always came back to Pinewood for regular six week shoots with Sid, Kenneth and Joan. What a legend.

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