Friday 20 November 2015

Carry On Hero of the Week

To start off this new regular Friday feature, he's a cracking photo of the wonderful character actor Peter Butterworth, in drag, in Carry On Screaming! He makes quite a convincing lady! Of course dragging up was nothing new for Peter, a legendary pantomime dame throughout his long career. 

The whole idea of this new series of blogs is to flag up specific individuals who, in my humble opinion, really made the Carry On films what they were. So many of the actors and crew turned up at Pinewood again and again, working closely over the years to produce such a fine body of work. And there was nobody finer than the late, great Peter Butterworth.

Peter spent fourteen years mugging away in the background in lowly-billed but constantly, reliably scene stealing roles in the Carry Ons. From Doc in Cowboy and Brother Belcher in Up The Khyber to Pepe (or is it Mario?) in Abroad and Henry Barnes in Behind, Peter couldn't have turned in a bad performance if he tried. Sadly I think his contribution to the films is often overlooked by many, but never by the diehard fans. 

To them, he is an absolute legend, a gifted comic actor and character player and someone who was very sadly, taken far too young.

So the first ever Carry On Blogging Hero of the Week has to be Mr Peter Butterworth.

Carry On!

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