Tuesday 10 November 2015

Carry On Fan of the Week: Graham

It's time once again to meet another Carry On Fan of the Week! This time we hear from Graham. Graham shares his favourite Carry On memories, tells us why his favourite actor must be Kenneth Williams and his favourite film, Carry On Up The Khyber.

What was the first Carry On film you saw? I honestly can't remember the first one I ever saw. However I do remember seeing Screaming for the first time on itv in the 70s and loving it. Spying was another one I saw quite early on as well. 

Who is your favourite Carry On actor?

My favourite carry on actor has to be Kenneth Williams. I think I saw him on Parkinson before I'd ever seen a carry on. I was certainly aware of him from a young age. Even as a child I found him hilarious and was very saddened by his death. I remember loving him on Jackanory. He was wonderful for me as a child because he was on my level. And he read stories so well with all his funny voices. 

Who is your favourite Carry On actress?

I love Joan Sims. She was such a warm and funny lady, totally unfazed by anything. She reminded me a lot of one of my aunts as a child. 

And your favourite Carry On supporting actor?

Terry Scott in Camping is utterly hilarious. He says more in one look than others do in an entire scene.

Have you met any of the actors?

Unfortunately I haven't met any of the stars nor do I have any memorabilia...except a key ring that plays 6 or so carry on funny bits of dialogue.

Finally, what's your favourite Carry On film?

My favourite all time carry on? That's a toughie. But if pushed I would say Khyber. It has a fantastic script, everyone is at the top of their game, it looks wonderful and the dinner scene is just about perfect (right down to the strawberry mousse). 

I think the last truly great carry on is Camping. Despite the final scene it holds together well and is genuinely funny. After that the quality declined. And the 70's carry ons have dated badly unlike the ones produced in the 60's funnily enough. Convenience is my favourite one of the 70s Carry Ons. It still has that saucy seaside postcard air about it.

Many thanks once again to Graham for taking part. If you would like to be one of my Carry On fans of the week, all you have to do is send in your answers to carryonfan15@gmail.com - I look forward to hearing from you! 

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