Wednesday 18 November 2015

Carry On Fan of the Week: Ray

It's time for yet another wonderful Carry On Fan of the Week! This week, we hear from regular blog reader Ray on his favourite Carry On memories and why he loves Harry H Corbett, Patsy and Margaret Nolan - and who can blame him?

Without further ado, it's over to Ray:

What was the first Carry On film you ever saw?
You know, I honestly don't remember the answer to that. I watched them all on TV lots of times when I was younger. I do recall that I rather grew into them, gradually getting more & more of the jokes and realising that the films were very funny indeed. I don't think I ever watched any of the films in the cinema, in the 1970's. The certification was more 'adult' by then and I wasn't old enough to sneak in. Despite having an Uncle in the projection booth...!

Who is your favourite Carry On actor and why?

I suppose I'm like many other people and I really look forward to Sid Jame's cheeky innuendo, that broad grin lighting up his prune-like face and particularly that filthy laugh. But my favourite of all the actors who have appeared in Carry On is Harry H Corbett. He played his one leading role in Carry on Screaming absolutely perfectly...

Who is your favourite Carry On actress and why?
Oh dear, that's very difficult. Again I look forward to Barbara Windsor wobbling into the scene. Joan Sims was more than a match for lecherous Sid and had some great lines. Angela Douglas is absolutely gorgeous, but my favourite is Patsy Rowlands. I think she played her characters brilliantly... 

Who is your favourite Carry On supporting actor?
Margaret Nolan, who so mammorably out buxomed Barbara Windsor in Carry On Girls

Have you ever visited any Carry On film locations?
Only by co-incidence, but I have been to Windsor (Carry on Cabby) , Brighton (Carry on Girls / At Your Convenience) and Snowdonia (Carry On Up The Khyber).   

Have you ever met any Carry On actors?
Unfortunately not, but I am open to invitations and would be delighted to meet anybody who is passing through Southampton or Eastleigh. I'm always looking for amusing/nostalgic material for The Complete Works of TGR Worzel and interesting/informative material for Eastleigh News.

Do you have any Carry On memorabilia?
Unfortunately nothing physical or tangible, just lots of happy memories in my head. That's good enough for me. 

Finally, what's your all time favourite Carry On film?
Oh dear, that is also very difficult. If I have to pick one film and one film only, I'll go for Carry on Up The Khyber. I love the scene where Charles Hawtrey's character reveals his full name. I think that's arguably the best laugh in all of the Carry Ons... 

Thanks again to Ray for taking part. If you would like to be one of my Carry On Fans of the Week, all you have to do is send in your answers to - I look forward to hearing from you!

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