Sunday 25 September 2016

Carry On Casting for the Beeb's Babs Biopic


More Barbara Windsor news now, concerning the BBC's plans for a 90 minute drama telling the story of her eventful life. The biopic was announced earlier this year and will be broadcast in 2017 to coincide with the colourful star's 80th birthday celebration.

Entitled "Babs" the drama will tell the story of Windsor's life both in front of and behind the camera. It will be written by former EastEnders scriptwriter Tony Jordan, someone Barbara knows well. Barbara has said she is thrilled the BBC are telling her story although, as reported in The Daily Telegraph she has no idea who might be playing her. It seems that while Dame Babs is interested in what the production will bring and what slant it will take, she is taking care to stay back from the decision making and let the production team get on with it.

Apparently, casting is taking place at the moment. I wonder who will take on the coveted role? As with the ITV drama Cilla, this will be a high profile role for whoever lands it. Barbara had previously said she wanted Sheridan Smith, however as Smith has already played Cilla Black, this seems unlikely. I have no idea whether the team will go for an established name or a newcomer or whether they will cast several actresses to depict Barbara throughout her life.

It will certainly be an interesting decision and I look forward to seeing who the BBC choose to play our iconic Babs. So who do you think would be ideal for the role of a young or indeed a more mature Barbara? And do you think the real Babs should make a cameo appearance as she did in the ITV drama Cor Blimey back in 2000?

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  1. Samantha Spiro played her in the past so is a possibility.

    1. I agree she is an option although perhaps after the National Theatre play and the TV adaptation she may feel she's done all she can in the part. Still a good choice though.