Friday 22 May 2015

A Tale of Two Microbes

Yes you did read that. And yes there is a Carry On connection. In 1971 Frank Muir, he of the panel games and Take It From Here, wrote and starred in an educational film for Unilever called, you guessed it, A Tale of Two Microbes. And the second of those microbes was played by none other than Carry On and all round comedy legend, June Whitfield.

The short film stars Muir and Whitfield as a newly wed pair of bacteria. It could only happen in the 1970s. In actual fact the film was made to promote food hygiene and backed by the likes of Birds Eye and John West. Anyway, it's right up there with Je t'aime as one of June's most bizarre performances!

Sit back, relax and enjoy a 1970s hygiene lesson courtesy of Basil and Desdemona Salmonella! 

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