Thursday 7 May 2015

Carrying On Behind The Scenes

As the recent Carry On Forever documentary pointed out, sadly very little behind the scenes footage from the making of the Carry On films survives. 

I guess that the rate and the economy at which they worked meant that very little was wasted or the film that was was quickly destroyed. A great shame as how lovely it would be to watch our favourite Carry On actors off camera, preparing to go on or generally larking about.

Thankfully some small snippets do survive, mainly from when TV crews were allowed on set  to help publicise a forthcoming film. Two terrific examples of this are available on YouTube, the first from a Welsh television report detailing location shooting in Snowdonia for Carry On Up The Khyber:

Following on from this, and in colour now, is some footage that was shot as filming continued on the 21st Carry On film, Carry On Henry in the autumn of 1970. This was originally broadcast as part of a Southern Television report:

I love seeing sneaky peaks behind the scenes of these films. They record precious moments of all our heroes and comedy legends and show a different side to the Carry On phenomenon. Lovely stuff!

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