Monday, 25 May 2015

My Favourite Scene: Carry On At Your Convenience

This is very much a matter of personal preference, but that kind of thing normally sparks an interesting debate! Rather than review each individual Carry On film, I've decided to look at the films and choose my favourite scene from each film. 

Let's start off with my one of my favourites, Carry On At Your Convenience. It's a joyous romp from the early 1970s, taking in industrial strife and a glorious works outing to Brighton. Convenience contains just about every classic Carry On cliche going and for the uninitiated it is pretty much the perfect Carry On film to begin with. 

While the second half of the film is pretty fantastic, taking the team back to their spiritual home of Brighton, this isn't where I'm heading for my favourite scene. Yes I love Kenneth and Charles camping about on the prom, Bernard Bresslaw and Margaret Nolan falling foul of the ghost train and Sid's gypsy fortune teller but none of these quite equal the truly wonderful banter in the canteen scene.

While union members Kenneth Cope and Bernard Bresslaw are trying to convince the workers to go out on strike yet again, Joan Sims, Sid James and Richard O'Callaghan indulge in some particularly ripe innuendos. I think it is pretty much Joan's scene. She sparkles and twinkles throughout and clearly relishes the stream of great one liners. Her comic timing is just superb.

So that's my favourite scene from Convenience. And here it is if you want to relive it:

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