Wednesday 20 May 2015

Bernard Bresslaw On Song

There seems to be no end to the talent of our favourite Carry On stars. I've previously posted musical offerings from the likes of Joan Sims and Kenneth Williams, and now it's Bernard Bresslaw's turn in the spotlight!

The internet churns out all sorts of interesting Carry On paraphernalia and this is no exception. These songs were recorded at the height of Bernard's fame in the late 1950s, thanks to the success of the ITV sitcom The Army Game. Playing very much to type, Bernie delivers these songs in character as the dim-witted Private Popplewell from that series. 

While the character proved extremely popular and guaranteed the actor constant work for many years to come, it must have been vexing at times for a man who was not only incredibly talented and skilled as a performer, but also highly intelligent. Anyway, moving away from that, sit back and enjoy some classic comedy records from the golden age!

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