Wednesday 6 May 2015

Kenneth Williams on Parkinson

Kenneth Williams was a famous raconteur. The advent of the television chat show in the 1960s opened up a whole new avenue of employment for the Carry On star.

While most of his appearances on the likes of Parkinson, Wogan and Russell Harty are an absolute joy to watch, behind the scenes poor Kenneth was gradually hating it more and more. He loathed having to perform, repeating the same old stories (he thought) for a few laughs. As time passed you could see it eating away at him which was dreadfully sad to witness.

I don't want to dwell though. I love Kenneth whenever he appears on my screen. His energy, wit and natural flair for comedy light up even the dreariest of days. I think some of his finest chat show performances were on the Parkinson show during the 1970s. He appeared several times, being a bankable guest. Yes, those were the days when personalities were interviewed on telly without necessarily having anything to promote! Imagine!

So here is Kenny in one of his finest appearances with Michael Parkinson. He is in good company too, sharing the screen with Sir John Betjeman and Kenneth's life long friend, Dame Maggie Smith. In the second part of the programme (also available on YouTube) Kenneth and Maggie recite on of Betjeman's poems. It is well worth a watch.

Lovely stuff. 

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