Monday 4 May 2015

Do the Blue Books deserve their own exhibition?

One of the highlights of Carry On Forever as far as I am concerned was seeing some of the stars of the films and the children of the stars, see the wonderful publicity photos for the first time.

The Blue Books, as they have become known, provide a terrific insight into life working on the Carry On films and from what we saw during the documentary, they are beautiful images showing our favourite stars looking their very best. It seems so sad that such treasured photos have been locked away in a vault for all these years.

I would dearly love if whoever owns these lovely pictures would grant permission for an exhibition to be held. It would be super if some of these photographs could be made available for public viewing. There are several places around which could hold such an event, such as the Museum of Comedy or the Cinema Museum. I think it would prove really popular, not just with diehard Carry On fans but also the wider British public. 

The Carry On films and their stars have rightfully become part of the fabric of our country's entertainment history and culture and I for one think they should all be celebrated as often as possible!

So do you agree? Would you like to see The Blue Books on display in a special exhibition?

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