Saturday 23 May 2015

Just Jim Dale

Jim Dale has been doing the rounds in interviews as he makes final preparations to bring his one man show Just Jim Dale to the London stage.

The show has already played in the United States to great acclaim and UK audiences have been promised more Carry On content. Excellent! I can't wait to see Jim live next month at the Vaudeville theatre!

Anyway, thanks to regular blog readers for bringing the following interviews to my attention. First of all Jim appeared on Robert Elms' BBC London radio show yesterday. You can listen to that here.

Jim also appeared on Paul O'Grady's chat show last Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately I missed this being out at work and forgetting to set the television to record. Ah, I thought, lovely ITV Player would come to my aid. Alas not. On checking, for some reason every other episode of the show is available EXCEPT the one in which Jim appears. I did read somewhere that Jim uttered a couple of words not normally heard on teatime telly but surely that doesn't stop ITV making it available?! It is still available on STV Player however you must enter a Scottish postcode in order to view. Sort it out ITV!!

If you hear of Jim making any further television or radio appearances, do let me know!

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