Saturday, 2 May 2015

Corrie On Angela

I am really wearing two blogging hats for this one. As well as being a massive fan of the Carry On films, I also love Coronation Street and most of all, classic Coronation Street. While many actors with Carry On connections have appeared in the Street over the years (Amanda Barrie, Dilys Laye, Johnny Briggs, Sherrie Hewson to name but a few) there is one performance in particular that I am keen to track down.

The internet tells me that future Carry On leading lady Angela Douglas made a one episode appearance in Coronation Street in 1961. Apparently Angela played the role of La Composita (otherwise known as the less glamorous Eunice Bond) in episode 27 of the Weatherfield serial, originally broadcast on 15 March 1961. Very early days for Corrie but I'm hoping a copy still exists somewhere.

Angela's character was involved with Dennis Tanner, played by the wonderful Philip Lowrie. This may have meant she also shared scenes with the legendary Pat Phoenix who of course played Street siren Elsie Tanner. 

I would dearly love to track down this episode, so if anyone has a copy, knows where to find it or has even just seen it and has memories to share, please do get in touch!

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