Tuesday 29 March 2016

A Year of Carrying On: Glenda's Guest Blog


As I celebrate my first anniversary at Carry On Blogging, my Coronation Street Blog colleague Glenda Young has contributed this lovely guest blog. Thanks Glenda! 
Where has the time gone? It’s been 12 whole months since Graeme started up his Carry On Blog and today I thought I’d write a few words by way of congratulations for all his hard work.
What I like most about this blog is the terrific insight that Graeme has bringing us the world of the Carry On films. The work on this blog is intelligent without being pretentious (if you know what I mean) and there’s a genuine love of the subject that comes through with every word. 

I also love the pictures that Graeme finds and posts to his @CarryOnJoan twitter account.  They’re pictures that without exception, always make me smile. But it’s more than that. The pictures take me back to my childhood, when I was watching the Carry On Films for the very first time. The memories the pictures evoke are very strong indeed.
Babs Windsor with her bra flying off in Carry on Camping? I was sitting on the sofa between my two brothers, giggling our heads off because it was so naughty and rude, while my parents sat at opposite ends of the living room, giggling too.  Odd Job in Carry On Screaming? I was terrified. I think I still am, but I no longer need to hide behind a cushion on the sofa.  Sid James and Joan Sims in Carry on at your Convenience? It took a few times of watching this one until I was old enough to understand the wonderful pathos and the love that could have been.

The blog posts here and the pictures that Graeme brings us via twitter daily are a treat. They are a spot of sunshine and fun in our social media lives.
Long may it continue!

Carry on, Graeme!
 Glenda Young
Editor of Coronation Street Blog

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