Sunday 27 March 2016

Joan and Dilys in Waters of the Moon

Here's a lovely thing. In 1983 a version of Norman Hunter's classic English drawing room drama Waters of the Moon was filmed for television. The piece is a proper period drama, packed full of traditional English stereotypes but it is the quality of the actors involved that raises it up to something else.

I am featuring it here because it co-stars two of my favourite Carry On actors - Joan Sims and Dilys Laye. As well as being wonderful actresses and veteran Carry Oners, Joan and Dilys were also the best of friends. They had been friends right from the early days of revue in the 1950s and it was a friendship that endured right up until Joan's death in 2001. 

I think both Joan and Dilys were extremely talented and to a certain extent, undervalued performers. Both were successful actors, beloved by fans and their peers but they were never true stars as we would know them. Part of the reason I set up this blog was to keep their names, performances and memories alive.

Anyway, if you fancy an interesting diversion, check out this television play. It also stars Penelope Keith, Virginia McKenna, Ronald Pickup and Lesley Dunlop. Quite a cast. So sit back and enjoy!

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