Tuesday 1 March 2016

Carry On Faces of 1970

This is part of a new series of blogs on Carry On Blogging. I plan to blog each year of Carry On, featuring photos of the most prolific actors for each year. Hopefully it will provide an interesting overview of the changing face of Carry On during the series' original mammoth twenty year run. 

It will turn the spotlight on the familiar faces who endured over the decades as well as those artists who came and went along the way. We are continuing today with 1970. Two films were produced that year, first of all Loving a tribute to the 1961 film Carry On Regardless, in the spring and then Carry On Henry in the autumn of the same year.

Pictured above we have the most prolific actors to appear in 1969. They are as follows: Sidney James as Henry VIII in Henry; Kenneth Williams as Percival Snooper in Loving; Charles Hawtrey pictured above as James Bedsop in Loving; Joan Sims as Queen Marie in Henry; Terry Scott as Cardinal Woolsey in Henry; Julian Holloway pictured as Adrian in Loving; Patsy Rowlands as Miss Dempsey in Loving; Peter Butterworth as the Earl of Bristol in Henry and finally, Imogen Hassall as Jenny Grubb in Loving.

Of those featured above, three actors (Hawtrey, Williams and Connor) were original cast members from the very first film, Carry On Sergeant in 1958. All the actors featured above, apart from Imogen Hassall, appeared in both films produced in 1970. Carry On Loving saw the team attempt to modernise, introducing younger actors such as Imogen Hassall. Sadly this was her only appearance in the series. Henry meanwhile was a celebration as the Carry Ons reached 21 films.

Patsy Rowlands made her third Carry On when she played one of Henry's Queens. She had quickly established herself as a valuable supporting actress. Peter Butterworth is featured here even though neither of his appearances were given official credits in 1970. Both roles, as the sinister client in Loving and the Earl of Bristol in Henry, were brief cameos as a favour to Gerald Thomas. This makes Butterworth unusual as no other regular team player appeared in such brief, uncredited roles in the films.

Stay tuned for the Carry On Faces of 1971 coming up soon!

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