Thursday 21 January 2016

Carry On Faces of 1958

This is the beginning of a new series of blogs on Carry On Blogging. I plan to blog each year of Carry On, featuring photos of the most prolific actors for each year. Hopefully it will provide an interesting overview of the changing face of Carry On during the series' original mammoth twenty year run. 

It will turn the spotlight on the familiar faces who endured over the decades as well as those artists who came and went along the way. We are starting off, as you do, right at the beginning with 1958 today. Two films were produced that year, the very first in the series Carry On Sergeant in the spring of 1958 and Carry On Nurse towards the end of the year. Although Nurse was released in 1959, as it was made the previous year I'm including it in this blog.

Pictured above we have the most prolific actors to appear in 1958. They are as follows: Kenneth Connor, pictured as Horace Strong in Sergeant; Shirley Eaton, seen here as Mary Sage in Sergeant; Terence Longdon, pictured above as Miles Heywood in Sergeant; Bill Owen as Corporal Copping in Sergeant; Kenneth Williams pictured as Oliver Reckitt in Nurse; Hattie Jacques in her first outing as Matron in Nurse; Cyril Chamberlain as Mr Able in Nurse; Charles Hawtrey as Humphrey Hinton in Nurse and finally, Joan Sims as Nurse Stella Dawson in Nurse.

Of those featured all but Joan Sims appeared in both films made that year. Joan of course, joined the team for the first time in Carry On Nurse. 

Stay tuned for the Carry On Faces of 1959 coming up soon!

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