Monday 25 January 2016

Carry On Hero of the Week: Sherrie Hewson


Every week I write about a particular person who has been involved in the Carry On phenomenon and deserves greater recognition for it. So far I've written about a variety of different cast and crew including the likes of Eric Barker, Norman Hudis, Dave Freeman and Marianne Stone. 

Today I am going to add another actress to this growing list of heroes - the lovely Sherrie Hewson. I have been a fan of Sherrie for years, ever since her original stint as Maureen Naylor in Coronation Street in the 1990s. She is a talented actress who is equally adept at drama and comedy, although most of us know her for her comedy performances. Over the years she has starred in countless television shows, developed a long-lasting working relationship with Russ Abbot, been a regular panelist on Loose Women and more recently become a fixture in the ITV sitcom Benidorm.

Back in the mid-1970s though, Sherrie was the newest recruit to Carry On. 1975 was a prolific year for Sherrie as she starred in both big and small screen Carry On productions. Sherrie was a cast member for four episodes of the ATV series Carry On Laughing, which were mainly historical half hours and featured familiar players such as Joan Sims, Peter Butterworth and Bernard Bresslaw. She also co-starred in the main Carry On film that year too - Carry On Behind. Behind is one of my guilty pleasures, for a later Carry On I think it ticks nearly all the right boxes. 

Sherrie formed an effective double act with the lovely Carol Hawkins and together as a pair of rather devious young campers, they ran rings round middle-aged married men Windsor Davies and Jack Douglas. It was an eye-catching turn for Sherrie and it's just a shame she didn't return for further adventures with the gang. Sadly just as Sherrie was joining the films the series was beginning to run out of steam. It must have been terrific for a young actress to work alongside some of the greats though. 

Another reason for featuring Sherrie as one of my heroes is her lovely presence on Twitter. It's great to interact with a Carry On actor and I love it when she retweets some of my daft twitterings. I've also discovered she's a great fan of the wonderful and under-rated character actress Esma Cannon. So she's got great taste too!


So here's to Sherrie - long may she Carry On making us laugh!

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