Monday 4 January 2016

Carry On Up The Proms!

Here is another of my favourite blogs. The music featured in the Carry Ons always played a big part in their success and this performance at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago is an absolute joy.

I stumbled upon this by complete accident but I absolutely love it! Apparently the famous Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in 2009 featured a segment on theme music from the Carry On films!

I've always thought Eric Rogers' music and the orchestra recordings were a fundamental part of the films' success. They really captured the spirit and humour of the Carry Ons and were often funny in their own right. Think of the theme music from Carry On Camping or Doctor. Barbara Windsor's theme as she totters about in her nurses uniform or the music that graces every appearance by Hattie Jacques as Matron. Glorious stuff. 

The performance features classic music from the likes of Carry On Camping, Carry On Doctor and Carry On Cabby. It also features that beautiful music written for the touching scene between Joan Sims and Sid James in Carry On At Your Convenience.

The Proms orchestra has brought it all back to life again and it's magical!

Here is the video, Enjoy, it is well worth a watch (and listen!)

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