Saturday 2 January 2016

In Search of Sid's Lost Interview

Late last year I was contacted by Richard who runs an excellent website in tribute to the classic Thames Television situation comedy, Bless This House. As I'm sure you'll know, Bless This House starred Sid James and ran for five years from 1971 up until Sid's death in 1976.

Richard has created a wonderful a website which features lots of information on the series, coverage of the television episodes, the feature film spin off and many photos I had never seen before. If you are a fan of classic comedy, I'd recommend you check on his site,

Anyway, Richard asked if I had a copy of an interview Sid James had given back in the early 1970s. There are clips of it on the internet but sadly the entire interview appears lost or is in someone's private collection. I'm afraid I was unable to shed any further light on Richard's query so I thought I would open this up to you all in case anyone knows more about this interview or how we can find the full version. Perhaps someone has a copy or knows which television station holds it in their archive?  Footage of Sid as himself is relatively rare so it would be great to finally see this interview in full.

The clip that does exist is available on Youtube:

If anybody knows anything about this, please do feel free to contact me either here on the blog, on Twitter or by email at

Thank you! 

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