Sunday 3 January 2016

I want to hear from you in 2016!

I love interacting with fellow Carry On fans on social media. Pretty much right from the start of this blog I have involved fellow fans in some of my posts and this is something I'd like to continue in 2016. 

As Peter Butterworth was keen to point out in Carry On Abroad, you have choices!! Whether you want to tell me about your favourite Carry On actor or actress, you'd like to be a fan of the week or you would like to submit a guest blog, do get in touch!

Tell me who your favourite Carry On actor is and why

We all have our favourites and it's completely down to personal taste. You all know I adore Joan Sims, Jim Dale and Kenneth Williams. I'd love you to get in touch and tell me who your favourite Carry On actor or actress is and why. It can be someone from the main team, a supporting actor or even a guest star.

Whoever it is, I want to know why they are your favourite. You may want to tell me what your favourite performance from this actor is, your favourite Carry On character and what other work you have enjoyed seeing them in. You can also, if you are feeling controversial, tell me who your least favourite Carry On actor or actress is and why! It's up to you!

So get in touch via and tell me! 

Would you like to be a Carry On Fan of the Week?

Do you love Carry On films? Probably a daft question to ask if you are reading this blog! I have decided to start a new regular feature for Carry On Blogging and I need your help.

If you are a Carry On fan, love the films, the stars and the spin offs, I want to hear from you. All you have to do is get in touch with some info and you will feature in your very own blog. All I need from you is your name, where you're from and the answers to the following questions:

What was the first Carry On film you ever saw?

Who is your favourite Carry On actor and why?

Who is your favourite Carry On actress and why?

Who is your favourite Carry On supporting actor?

Have you ever visited any Carry On film locations?

Have you ever met any Carry On actors?

Do you have any Carry On memorabilia?

Finally, what's your all time favourite Carry On film?

If you want to get in touch and feature in a Carry On Fan blog, please email your answers to the following address: 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Would you like to do your own guest blog?

Earlier this year I wrote a guest blog for the wonderful History Usherette Blog which is run by @agathadascoyne . I wrote about the social history of the Carry Ons, comparing Carry On Cruising with Carry On Abroad, highlighting how Britain had changed over that ten year period. This experience got me thinking.

I have really enjoyed hearing from those of you who have submitted answers to my Carry On Fan of the Week blog series. I love interacting with fellow Carry On fans - if you want to take part in that, please do get in touch via I want to open this idea up further now, though. 

If there are any keen bloggers out there who would like to try their hand at writing a guest blog for Carry On Blogging, do get in touch. It can be about anything, as long as it has a Carry On connection. Perhaps you could write about how you first discovered the Carry Ons or who your favourite actor is and why? Anything really that takes your fancy. All you need to do is get writing and email the results to

Carry On Scribbling!

You can follow me on Twitter @CarryOnJoan 

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