Tuesday 5 January 2016

Sid James Sings!

Sid James was a multi-talented chap as we all know. The Carry Ons may have dominated his career but he did do a load of stage work from the very beginning of his career right through until he very sadly took his final bow.

During the 1950s Sid did appear in several musicals on the stage and although it may be hard to believe, he did have certain vocal talents! Throughout his career Sid did release some novelty records, some of which I have blogged before. Today's treat is something I've only just come across.

It's a recording from 1961 and features our Sidney belting out the song Kids from the musical Bye Bye Birdie. He's quite impressive and it is well worth a listen. I have no idea if Sid actually appeared in this musical during his career in the West End and this is from a cast recording or if he was just randomly asked to perform this track.

If anyone knows the answer, please do get in touch!


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