Sunday 17 January 2016

Jason King Carries On with Liz Fraser

I admit I am quite unfamiliar with the 1970s television series Jason King and with its star, Peter Wyngarde however YouTube regularly turns up fascinating finds, I couldn't help but share this one.

Jason King was a follow on series from the original Department S in the late 1960s. King was one of the lead characters and obviously thought worthy of a spin off show. Jason King is flamboyant, fairly louche and incredibly glamorous in an early seventies kind of way at least. As with many other shows of the era, Jason King is light hearted, adventurous (for its time) and full of lovely ladies, exotic locations and a delightful mix of high drama and camp comedy.

Peter Wyngarde is like no other leading man I've ever seen! He carries it all off with a certain aplomb though and if you're game, it makes for a diverting piece of nostalgic entertainment. It also features a host of familiar faces, none more so than the gorgeous Liz Fraser in a guest spot. Liz's character acts as a kind of sidekick to King in this episode, and as always she looks terrific and is generally fantastic value. 

Other co-stars include the wonderful comedy actor Roy Kinnear and the glamorous Ipcress File star Sue Lloyd. And keep your eyes peeled for another couple of veteran Carry On supporting actors in Brian Oulton (Nurse, Constable, Cleo and Camping) and Alan Curtis (Henry and Abroad).

Well worth a look if you fancy a wallow in the telly of yesteryear! 

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