Saturday 30 January 2016

Carry On Faces of 1963

This is part of a new series of blogs on Carry On Blogging. I plan to blog each year of Carry On, featuring photos of the most prolific actors for each year. Hopefully it will provide an interesting overview of the changing face of Carry On during the series' original mammoth twenty year run. 

It will turn the spotlight on the familiar faces who endured over the decades as well as those artists who came and went along the way. We are continuing today with 1963. Two films were made that year: Carry On Cabby, originally not a Carry On at all but "Call Me A Cab", was shot in April and May 1963 while Carry On Jack was filmed in the September and October. Both films were written by new Carry On scribe, the legendary Talbot Rothwell.

Pictured above we have the most prolific actors to appear in 1963. They are as follows: Charles Hawtrey, as Walter Sweetly in Jack; Jim Dale as Young Carrier in Jack; Hattie Jacques pictured above as Peggy Hawkins in Cabby; Bernard Cribbins as Albert Poopdecker in Jack; Sidney James as Charlie Hawkins in Cabby; Juliet Mills pictured as Sally in Jack; Esma Cannon as Flo Sims in Cabby; Kenneth Williams as Captain Fearless in Jack; and finally, Kenneth Connor as Ted Watson in Cabby. 

Of those featured four actors (Connor, Jacques, Hawtrey and Williams) were original cast members from the very first film, Carry On Sergeant in 1958. Hawtrey and Dale were the only actors featured to appear in both films produced in 1963. Hattie Jacques made her sixth Carry On in 1963 however after shooting Cabby, she would take a break from the series, not returning until Carry On Doctor in 1967.

Esma Cannon made her fourth and final Carry On appearance in 1963, retiring from acting shortly afterwards. Both Juliet Mills and Bernard Cribbins made their Carry On debuts in Carry On Jack. Mills, in her only appearance in the series, had already starred in Twice Round the Daffodils for Rogers and Thomas. Her role as Sally had previously been offered to Liz Fraser. Fraser had decided to leave the series after Cabby and would not return until Behind, filmed twelve years later in 1975.

Stay tuned for the Carry On Faces of 1964 coming up soon!

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