Wednesday 16 December 2015

Angela the Author

There was an Interesting and rather teasing tweet over on Twitter the other day. The wonderful Angela Douglas posted a photo of what looked like a rather hefty manuscript! Could this mean another book is in the offing from one of our favourite Carry On ladies?

Angela has been writing for some time now and her acclaimed autobiography of her career and her life with the late actor Kenneth More is most definitely worth checking out. Swings and Roundabouts was reissued in an updated edition last year and I highly recommend it.

So what might this new book be about? Or has Angela written a script for a new Carry On? ;) If you don't already follow Angela on Twitter, why on earth not? Her account is @CarryonAngela14 . She is a great presence on Twitter - sadly all too few of the Carry On actors still with us have a social media outlet so it's great to see her on there.

Perhaps one of my regular Carry On Blogging readers can shed some light on Angela's new book? If you know, please get in touch!

I was gutted to miss the recent Angela Douglas event at Elstree Studios. Sadly I succumbed to the office flu bug and couldn't make the journey up to Borehamwood the other week. If anyone attended and would like to do a quick review of the night, do get in touch at - it sounded like a terrific evening!

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