Tuesday 8 December 2015

Carry On Blogging Christmas Countdown: 8 December

And so, once again December is upon us. This will be my first Christmas at the helm of Carry On Blogging so I wanted to go all out, bringing you a daily dose of festive Carry On cheer each day on the lead up to the 25th. 

So every day I will bring you another cracking Carry On photo with a festive theme. They will probably all be rather naughty, but hopefully all quite nice. 

On the 8th day, I bring you a photo from a truly horrifying scene! As part of the deliciously ramshackle Carry On Christmas in 1969 they featured a send up of Dracula, featuring Terry Scott, Peter Butterworth, Bernard Bresslaw and Barbara Windsor. Yes, I know it's not at all festive and probably scraping the bottom of the Carry On barrel, but Peter's wonderfully mugging performance wins through! It's a comedy classic!

What a Carry On at Christmas! 

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