Saturday 19 December 2015

Julian Holloway on the Carry Ons

I have come across a short but rather interesting video interview with the actor Julian Holloway, who amongst many other things during his long career, appeared in eight Carry On films.

Julian, who appeared in the Carry On Forever documentary earlier this year, is interviewed in this video by BAFTA LA about his involvement in the Carry On films and very colourful it is too! I'm generally very positive about the films in this blog however I am well aware of certain downsides (particularly filming conditions and the pay the actors received).  Julian focuses in this during the interview so it's not a ringing endorsement of all thing Rogers and Thomas!

Julian is a lively, colourful chap and always good value. Although he clearly doesn't rate much of the Carry On experience, he does praise his fellow actors. Furthermore, his impersonations of Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor are terrific and spot on!

If you want to check out the short interview, you can find it here

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