Thursday 31 December 2015

Dame Babs

Well, it's official. The BBC are reporting this morning that Barbara Windsor is to be made a Dame. This story was leaked back on Boxing Day and I reported here on the blog the suggestion that Barbara  would be honoured shortly after. 

So what do we all think? The honour is for Barbara's charity work as well as her role in the entertainment industry over the last fifty years. I always admire famous faces who devote their time to charity and good deeds so I can't fault her there. Barbara obviously has causes she cares about so it's right this is highlighted.

She is also a grafter, working hard for decades in an unforgiving and sometimes harsh industry. Dear Barbara has made the most of what she has and we must respect her for that. She's taken plenty of knocks over the years but has always bounced back. From early successes at Joan Littlewood's Stratford East to those infamous Carry On roles and then years in the doldrums before EastEnders came along, Barbara's career has been as varied and colourful as her private life.

Many of the tabloids have used this news to dig up old stories about Barbara's past and her life off screen. I guess that's what newspapers do and while I do have my own opinions on that side of things, that's not for now. I think we should toast Dame Barbara today and wish her all the best. 

I wonder what Kenneth Williams would make of all this?

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