Wednesday 16 December 2015

Carry On Blogging Christmas Countdown: 16 December

And so, once again December is upon us. This will be my first Christmas at the helm of Carry On Blogging so I wanted to go all out, bringing you a daily dose of festive Carry On cheer each day on the lead up to the 25th. 

So every day I will bring you another cracking Carry On photo with a festive theme. They will probably all be rather naughty, but hopefully all quite nice.

In 1983, Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor spent a few days recording linking material for a Carry On Laughing Christmas Classics special for television. It had been several years since the films had come to an end and there hadn't been an original Carry On Christmas television special for a decade. 

However, being the troupers they were, Kenneth and Barbara brought a little extra sparkle to the festivities that year with some classic clips and good old fashioned fun. I love this photo of the two Carry On legends back together again. It would the last time Kenneth would ever appear in anything Carry On related. 

I should imagine he had a few choice words for that costume he's got on!

What a Carry On at Christmas! 

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