Wednesday 2 December 2015

Carry On Fan of the Week: Karsh

It's time to meet another Carry On Fan of the Week! This week we hear from regular blog reader Karsh on his favourite Carry On film and why Sid, Joan and Peter Butterworth are his favourite Carry On stars.

So without further ado, it's over to Karsh:

First Carry On Film:

Not sure, most probably Carry On Doctor, but Up The Jungle wouldn't be far behind. 

Favourite Actor: 

Sid James. Such an icon of the films and more often than not he was the star. Face like a pickled walnut but his delivery of his lines was first class.

Favourite actress: 

Joan Sims. Wonderful actress, and her laugh was so dirty and infectious. That said Hattie Jacques gave the best performance by an actress in Cabby. I will always argue that it was not properly recognised because it was in a Carry On film.

Favourite supporting actor: 

Tough one, but it has to be Peter Butterworth. Not only for his comedic value but his physical facial expressions were priceless. Such a talented actor. Jim Dale runs him close though!

Locations visited: 

Quite a few. Have visited locations in Windsor, Maidenhead and Ealing. So places like helping hands agency, rogerham mansions, police station in Screaming, hospital in Doctor and police station in constable and many more!

Carry on stars I've met: 

Again, quite a few. Anita Harris, Ken Cope, Bernard cribbins, Jack Douglas, Angela Douglas, Lance Perceival, Jacki Piper, Madeline Smith, Valerie Leon, Larry Dann, Dora Bryan, Sally Geeson and many others.


Not from films, just some mugs and a gunga din bobble head!

Favourite film: 

Screaming. Love hammer films too so to see the two mixed into one and so wonderfully done as well is great. Harry H Corbett does a great job as Sid's replacement. Superb film.

Many thanks once again to Karsh for taking part.

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