Sunday 27 December 2015

Could it be Dame Barbara Windsor?

There are many unconfirmed reports this morning that the actress Barbara Windsor is going to be made a Dame in the New Year's Honours List. Barbara, famous for her roles in both EastEnders and the Carry Ons, has already received the MBE.

The news has been reported in several newspapers and television news channels so there must be something in it. I'm not sure what I make of this if it is true. While Barbara must be respected for all her hard work over the years and her many famous roles, I can't help but think there must be other more deserving candidates for this honour. 

Barbara is a grafter and a tough cookie. She has survived for decades in a tough industry and brought pleasure to many but there are areas of her life and personality that I have struggled with. She has also had a rather strange relationship with the Carry Ons over the years, bagging many of the plaudits when, for me at least, there are other actresses who were both more prolific in the series and actually better performers. 

I don't want to be completely negative about this news as I know Barbara does a lot of charity work for good causes. She is also one of an increasingly scarce few who were involved in our beloved Carry Ons. 

So what do you think about Babs becoming Dame Barbara Windsor?

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  1. I guess you are right. I still think June Whitfield deserves one first...