Monday 13 April 2015

Carry On Location Spotting

A few years back my dad and I embarked on a good old fashioned father and son bonding exercise. No, we didn't go camping in the woods. We went Carry On location spotting. As you do.

Partly so I can reminisce over happy times and partly to share all this nonsense with you, I've decided to write a blog about it. Lots of photos were taken that day but sadly I can't find them so you'll have to make do with ones I can source from the world wide web.

Pinewood Green 

I cannot tell you what an absolute thrill it was not only to visit some of the locations but also, in my case, to drive round them. I had not long since passed my driving test and there I was, slap bang in the middle of Carry On land, whizzing round (within the speed limit of course) Pinewood Green. It was just like Carry On Camping only our luggage did not fall off the roof. 

Pinewood Close

PInewood Green and Pinewood Close housing estates are right opposite the main entrance to the famous Pinewood Studios and formed the basis for many location shoots. They were used in films like Constable, Cabby, Camping, At Your Convenience, Behind and Emmannuelle. So much history there and it's so easy to find.

Fulmer Grange

Also not far from the studios is the village of Fulmer, home to Fulmer Grange. This rather grand building is now a language school - we saw Fenella Fielding back there for Carry On Forever. Sadly on our tour we couldn't get close to it as it's private property but I did get a cheeky look through the gates. 

Black Park

Black Park surrounds the local Pinewood area. These vast woodlands feature in many classic comedies made at the studios and the Carry Ons were no different. Used a great deal in the likes of Carry On Cowboy, Camping, At Your Convenience and Dick, they are a very scenic spot. 

Farnham Common

We then went on the Farnham Common, another little village in the Pinewood area. The parade of shops here played host to the Carry On team when they needed a location for Fred Ramsden's butchers shop in Carry On Behind. I'm sure you remember those scenes with Windsor Davies, Jack Douglas, Liz Fraser and Marianne Stone.

St Mary's Church, Denham 

From there we travelled a short distance to the town of Denham. Denham is a gorgeous little village that was home to legendary British actor John Mills for many years. Denham also boasts a very charming church, most famously used for the final scenes in Carry On Matron when Sir Bernard Cutting and Matron got married. The house used to film the scenes with Valerie Leon and Terry Scott is also nearby.

Park Street and Sheet Street, Windsor

Further afield, by Carry On standards anyway, are the towns of Maidenhead and Windsor. The Carry Ons used both towns frequently over the years. My favourite location in Windsor is  on Park Street and Sheet Street. The buildings here doubled as the Helping Hands Agency in Carry On Regardless, Doctor Nookey's private practice in Again Doctor and finally The Wedded Bliss Marriage Agency in Carry On Loving. 

Windsor Riverside Railway Station

Also in Windsor, remember the scenes of Michael Ward and Kenneth Connor in Carry On Cabby? They were shot at Windsor Railway Station, still there today. We didn't reenact the scene by the way!

Maidenhead Town Hall

Moving on to Maidenhead saw us stop off at the Town Hall, used whenever the Carry On team needed an impressive building. It featured as the hospital in both Carry On Doctor and Again Doctor and then later as the University where Professor Crump is based in Carry On Behind. There were plans to demolish the building some years ago but I think it is still standing today. At the far end of that road is the exterior used for Carry On Camping when Sid and Bernie go to buy equipment from the lovely Valerie Leon. 

The Jolly Woodman Pub

One final location we visited which I'd love to include is not actually linked to the Carry Ons at all. As a big fan of the classic film Genevieve, I was thrilled to go for Sunday lunch at The Jolly Woodman pub, used in the film. It features in the scene where the pub landlord tells Kenneth More and Kay Kendall that John Gregson and Dinah Sheridan have been involved in an accident. It was all a ploy of course as both couples were in a race at the time. It was a terrific location and a recommended spot for a traditional pub lunch.

**P.S - I stand corrected, The Jolly Woodman Pub was also used in Carry On Dick, as The Old Cock Inn - Thanks to Richard :) **

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. It has brought back lovely memories for me, spending a happy time with my dad and letting out the Carry On geek within! I'm planning another blog on the blue plaques we managed to track down on the same trip so Carry On Reading!

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  1. Great photos I love seeing all the filming locations then and now I've got nearly every carryon film on dvd.oh and try the website called the whip it in its got loads of carryon movie locations then and now photos and info .kind regards Paul

  2. Great photos I love seeing all the filming locations then and now I've got nearly every carryon film on dvd.oh and try the website called the whip it in its got loads of carryon movie locations then and now photos and info .kind regards Paul