Sunday 26 April 2015

Liz Fraser Interview

I have just stumbled upon a rather brilliant interview The Arts Desk did with the wonderful Liz Fraser earlier this year. 

Although the interview is to promote the DVD release of the classic comedy film I'm All Right Jack, the piece goes deeper into Fraser's long and varied career and I found it fascinating. Instead of just focusing on the Carry Ons or the Confessions films, the interviewer Graham Fuller clearly knows his stuff.

Liz Fraser's roles in films like Up The Junction and The Americanization of Emily and TV parts in The Professionals get brief mentions before less well known gems are flagged up, such as a performance in Sight Unseen in 1977 and the heartbreaking Eskimos Do it a decade later. One of my favourite of Fraser's straight roles was her cameo in the classic BBC adaptation of the Miss Marple story Nemesis and it's good to hear that Liz loved doing it.

Although it is great that some of Liz's less well known but incredibly impressive acting work is being given some attention at long last, it is also a real shame that someone as talented has spent much of her acting career being pigeon holed. 

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