Saturday 25 April 2015

Carry On Blogging!

It has been a bit of a whirlwind first month for me as I've carried on blogging. I already feel like I've been writing this blog all my life, not just a few weeks.

I started off quite tentatively, not really very sure whether this experiment would work, if anyone would read it or engage with me or if I could be bothered to sustain it at all. I've been surprised how passionate I still am about these wonderful old films, their stars, even the music. I have loved writing about different aspects of the films, sharing my favourite moments and turning the spotlight on some of the lesser known actors.

I have mainly loved using this blog to expand conversations and interactions with some lovely, funny, enthusiastic people on Twitter. It's a constant source of joy for me when someone I don't know takes the time to say they have enjoyed some of my digital scribblings, so thank you all for being so much fun and also so encouraging!

So I intend to Carry On Blogging for some time to come!

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