Monday 13 April 2015

My Top Ten Carry Ons: A Quick Recap!

So we are at the half way point in the run down of my most favourite Carry On films ever. I am loving this so far. It has been great to really think which of the films I couldn't live without and I've loved hearing your thoughts on my choices.

A quick recap of where we have got to:

In tenth place was the last of the great Carry Ons, Carry On Behind. Then came Carry On Nurse, the film that secured the long term future of the franchise. In eighth place was another medical classic, Carry On Doctor. In seventh position came Carry On Don't Lose Your Head, the French Revolution romp. And yesterday I revealed my sixth favourite film in the series, the wonderful Carry On Cleo.

While I recover from all the writing and difficult decision making, have a ponder as to what might make up my top five. There might just be a few surprises...

I'll continue with my countdown later this week!

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