Sunday 19 April 2015

Joan Sims On Song

The other week I blogged some classic examples of Kenneth Williams' vocal talents courtesy of his Rambling Sid Rumpo from Round The Horne and the wonderful Ma Crepe Suzette.

In the early 1960s fellow Carry On actor Joan Sims recorded some comedy songs with legendary producer George Martin. Although they were released into the music charts, they didn't exactly catch on sadly! Joan was a wonderful all rounder - she was a star of film, television, radio and stage. She made her name in revues in the 1950s and proved herself to be equally adept at comedy and drama as well as musical theatre. 

These comedy songs, although fairly inconsequential today, provide an excellent record of Joan's vocal talent which most people will be unaware of. The songs are very twee in this day and age but they also demonstrate Joan's superb comic timing. Some lovely person has uploaded some of these songs to Youtube and here they are:

I love sharing unexpected aspects from the careers of our favourite Carry On stars. Enjoy! 

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  1. Am I wrong or is the man in the background the father of Benedict Cumberbatch...?

    1. The man in the background is the great Kenneth Williams, star of many of the Carry On films. He wasn't Benedict Cumberbatch's father.

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