Saturday 11 April 2015

Liz Fraser's Double Bunk

Liz Fraser has always been one of my favourite Carry On actors. I loved her appearances in Regardless, Cruising, Cabby and Behind.

She also of course starred in a host of other British comedy films of the era including a St Trinians film, Doctor in Love, I'm Allright Jack, Too Many Crooks and the delightful Double Bunk.

Double Bunk, which co-starred Sid James and Ian Carmichael, is apparently Liz's favourite film of all the comedies she made at this stage of her career. It's a lovely black and white comedy if you can track it down. 

Sid and Liz also sang the theme tune for the film and when Liz appeared on Jools Holland's radio show last year he played the track for her. I thought it was very sweet and although that show is no longer available to share online, here is the track, "Double Bunk". Enjoy!

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