Monday 27 April 2015

Carry On Voting: The Results!

A couple of weeks back I started a poll on this blog asking you all to tell me who your favourite Carry On supporting actor is. As part of this blog I want to highlight some of the lesser known but always fantastic supporting actors and actresses who contributed so much to the Carry On films over the years.

I selected five actors and five actresses, aiming for the most prolific and well-loved that appeared during the Carry Ons' original twenty year run. The voting closed last night so it's time to reveal the results!

Over a hundred votes were cast, so first of all a big thank you to everyone who took part!  There is no surprise for me when it comes to the winner. With 28.75% of the vote is the wonderful Patsy Rowlands! I think we'll all agree that Patsy was a great actress and a great addition to each and every Carry On film she appeared in. A shame perhaps that she was rarely elevated to the main team but she will also be a fan favourite.

Next up, with an impressive 18.75% of the vote was cheeky chappy Julian Holloway. Another great actor who should have been a main team member after Jim Dale's departure. Coming next was Valerie Leon with 11.25%. 

Sharing joint fourth spot are two classic British actresses: Joan Hickson and Marianne Stone. And fifth was that unassuming presence of seven early Carry Ons, Cyril Chamberlain with 3.75%. Michael Ward and Margaret Nolan shared joint sixth spot with 2.5% of the vote each. While bringing up the rear with 1.25% each are Bill Maynard and Peter Gilmore.

Other suggestions included Esma Cannon and Jacki Piper. The question is, would you consider them part of the main team for the films in which they appeared? I'm not sure!

So do you agree with the result? 

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