Tuesday 7 April 2015

My Top Ten Carry On Films

Now the Carry On Forever fever has died down, I've decided to embark on a new Carry On challenge. 

I'm going to attempt to figure out what my absolute favourite Carry On films of all time are and I will be publishing the results on this blog. This is going to be a hard task for me as I love so many of these films that my favourites change on a regular basis. There will be a few I can immediately discount, none of which will be much of a surprise I'm sure. Others will be more difficult to choose between.

What I intend to do is come up with my top ten Carry Ons and reveal them blog by blog until I get to my all time number one. I'll make it clear that this is just down to my own personal choice and mainly due to personal feelings or memories attached to particular films. It should be an interesting project and I hope that as I go through them you will all feel free to comment and agree/disagree as you see fit!

As I go through my top ten I will argue why I like a particular film. I'm not going to review them all because you know the content well enough. It will just be a run down of the reasons why I like them.

I hope you will enjoy these posts and contribute either here on the blog itself or over on Twitter @GraemeN82 or @CarryOnJoan

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