Friday 24 April 2015

Sid James Looks At Life

Sid James is widely known today for being one of the brightest and best loved comedy stars in modern British history. His face was his fortune and he is still as popular today as he was in the heyday of the Carry Ons in the 1960s.

While he is known as the star of many classic British films, countless television series and many radio and theatre productions, he also lent his cockney persona to this little film, part of the Look at Life series that was produced in the 1950s and 1960s. These films were made by the Rank Organisation and were shown in Odeon and Gaumont cinemas before the main feature film from 1959 until 1969.

The short films covered events both at home and abroad and capture Britain and its people in the midst of many changes during the mid-Twentieth century. For a budding social historian like myself they are a fascinating insight into a world that almost seems quaint today. The films cover such diverse topics as the building of new bypass roads across the country and the cult of coffee bar to a look at the developing links between Britain and her continental cousins. 

The film Sid narrates takes a look at life in London's bustling street markets, their history and traditions. What better voice could there be to accompany such a film than that of Sidney James? 

It's a delightful little glimpse at a bygone era and lovely to see Sid involved in a different kind of project.

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  1. well that was certainly interesting...would been nice to see sid on the market having a look around and interacting but.... anyway thanks for a great look at a cinema experience we have never had in these times.