Thursday 2 April 2015

Carry On Podcasting

Oh the wonderful world of Twitter. This afternoon I had the great pleasure to tweet with Paul from The Time Vault, a website and podcast library focusing on the best of cult sixties and seventies film and television.

Obviously we were tweeting about Carry On films and Paul told me that they had two podcasts coming up that might interest me. Around ten years ago the Carry Ons were all released on DVD with several extra features, including some fascinating audio commentaries reuniting some wonderful actors ranging from Leslie Phillips, Dilys Laye and Liz Fraser to Carol Hawkins, Patsy Rowlands and Jim Dale. They were often a joy to listen to and occasionally more outrageous than the films themselves!

Well The Time Vault has taken two Carry Ons and recorded their own commentaries as podcasts. Interestingly they have chosen Carry On Cruising and Carry On Abroad, two holiday-themed Carry Ons, a decade apart. It's amazing just to think of all the changes within the team itself and in the wider world in those ten years.

Anyway, if podcasts or Carry Ons or both of those are you thing then I can recommend their great website . The Carry On Cruising podcast is available now, with Carry On Abroad uploaded tomorrow.


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